Sunday, May 13, 2012

Henry's Ark

Last week, Parker had a day off for Oaks Day, so we decided to go check out a petting zoo in Prospect called Henry's Ark.  It's a free place where you can pet and feed a whole bunch of different animals. They have Ostriches, ducks, peacocks, roosters, goats, llamas, elk, turtles, a ginormous pig, and a zebra. You can bring carrots and celery and crackers and they eat it all right out of your hands.  The kids loved it all.  Macie didn't like it when they got too close, but by the time we left, she was feeding them too. She was so excited to see everything, she just kept running from one side to the other pointing and squealing.  The boys were pretty fearless with all the animals.  Parker didn't dare feed the pig, but Kaeson didn't hesitate at all.

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