Sunday, May 13, 2012

Henry's Ark

Last week, Parker had a day off for Oaks Day, so we decided to go check out a petting zoo in Prospect called Henry's Ark.  It's a free place where you can pet and feed a whole bunch of different animals. They have Ostriches, ducks, peacocks, roosters, goats, llamas, elk, turtles, a ginormous pig, and a zebra. You can bring carrots and celery and crackers and they eat it all right out of your hands.  The kids loved it all.  Macie didn't like it when they got too close, but by the time we left, she was feeding them too. She was so excited to see everything, she just kept running from one side to the other pointing and squealing.  The boys were pretty fearless with all the animals.  Parker didn't dare feed the pig, but Kaeson didn't hesitate at all.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Visiting the Cousins

When Lance flew to Nebraska for his interview last week, my sister begged me to send Macie with him since she's free to fly. (My sister lives there in Omaha).  So I gave in and sent her.  Gina said she was an angel--they always are for other people! Here are a few pictures Gina took while she was there.


It has been fun to see how much Macie loves Oakley!  I thought it would be a hard adjustment for Macie to add another baby to the family since she is so headstrong and possessive, but she loves Oakley so much and so far does pretty well with her.  Every once in a while she sneaks a little scratch or squeeze into a hug, but overall, she does great.  I hope these girls will be best buddies someday!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

2 Months

At two Months, Macie now weighs 11 lbs 8.5 oz ( 50%) and is 22 1/2 inches
here's her 1 month picture to compare

Oakley's 2nd Month

Our little beauty is growing up so fast already!  She's now 2 months old!  She's still a little night owl, usually not falling asleep until close to 11 or sometimes even later.  She has not been near as fussy lately, and is now content to sit on her own for a few minutes at a time.  She loves to be held, and especially loves sleeping in your arms.  She almost always falls asleep on my hip facing out over my arm like a rag doll. She is starting to sleep in her bed a little better, but it kind of depends on the day. She's starting to smile more,  but she's still a little stingy with her smiles.  She doesn't love her car seat, but she isn't hating it as much lately.  So overall, the last couple weeks, she's been a little easier and more pleasant.


A couple weeks ago, my dad called and said he would be in Indianapolis for meetings for a few days and would have some down time on Sunday, so we headed up for a short visit. It's been way too long since we've seen him, and it was great to visit. My kids may or may not have been a little hyper, but what else is new?! We sure love Papa!  I'm so glad we were able to spend a little time with him.

Little All Stars

The boys are both playing soccer this year, and both are loving it.  Parker played last year and didn't love it, so we weren't going to sign them up this year, but Kaeson begged me  to let him play this year.  Then Parker decided he wanted to as well.  We have been pleasantly surprised with how much more Parker is enjoying it, as well as how much better he's getting.  He works really hard, hustles like crazy, and is getting better every game.  

Kaeson absolutely loves sports and does pretty well, so we were so excited to see him play. I was sorely disappointed after his first game, because he was pretty timid and unsure. But after practicing a little more the next week at home, he scored 12 goals in his next game!  He is so proud of himself!  I missed most of one game so i'm not sure if he scored much, but the other two he has scored 5 and 9.  It's been so fun to watch them both grow and have so much fun.